Need your friendly help : )

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Need your friendly help : )

Unread postby DoCC » 22 Dec 2014, 16:23

Hi guys,
may i have your attention please ?

I'm an native German speaker. I'm able to deal with english as a fluently speaker but thats it.

If you would like to send me some _translated_ language files I'd be very happy :)
The lng file looks like that:

Code: Select all
$lng_title = "Track";
$lng_album = "Album";
$lng_genre = "Genre";
$lng_since = "since";
$lng_duration = "Duration";  // time to play
$lng_stop_text = "no sound in the air"; // Server online, but not listening
$lng_playing_text = "I'm currently listening"; // Server online, and listening
$lng_pto = "404: server seems offline"; // Server (seems to be) offline
$lng_xml = "503: xml not available"; // Server sends no XML

Erm the comments are for you, the do not need to be translated : ))
Please name the lng files according to the linuy system locale i.e. "en-us", "de-ch", "es-cu" etc..

If there are trekkies among us, feel free to even send me a klingon lng file : P

Languages that are online already :


Thanks a lot
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