Strange transcode difference with same ffmpeg bin

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Strange transcode difference with same ffmpeg bin

Unread postby tokka » 06 Nov 2014, 20:32

Hi all, i'm having strange issues with transcode (i'm using version 5250 stand-alone).
I'll try to explain better as i can:
I'm running ms on an armhf machine, and , as suggest by Mad, i recompiled the transcode pack (ffmpeg and lame), because the repo ones are not upgraded. Now i have ffmpeg 2.4.3 and lame 3.99.5.
After compiled, i installed theme too on the machine, just to use not only with ms but with all the other applications i have. Until here, all normal i think :P
Playng mp4 files with ms (movies in general) with this machine is pretty stop every 2 sec if i don't give it the time to fill the cache (cpu is a single core at 1Ghz-1Gb ram), but...if i rename ffmpeg in the transcode folder, and use to one installed (same file), mp4 play without stop, and with better quality :shock:
I tried too to remove mp4 voice from the transcode string, but if the ffmpeg bin is active in the transcode folder, the file plays very slow (seems as it is trasconded even if removed from string).
FFmpeg binary is the same, so i don't think it is the problem (but i may be wrong), and before say "it's a ms bug" i prefer to ask you about the causes :oops:
Another strange thing is for dlna, that it is really slow to open movies (mediatomb running on the same machine and at the same time open theme in a while).
I made same tests with an x86 machines, and there are not all these differences, obv...but differences bwtween the 2 machines are too great respect of hw differences...imho.
I hope to have well explained the issues, and may be find a solution :P
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