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[Script] Convert iTunes playlists to Madsonic

Unread postby gurutech » 16 May 2013, 17:33

I created a small script for myself that will convert my existing iTunes playlists on my Windows machine to the proper format for my Linux-based Madsonic installation.

Step 1: Export your iTunes playlists (even "Genius" lists will work with this!) to a folder on your Windows computer
Step 2: Run the "fixlist.cmd" file from within the folder where you exported your playlists. (See below for code)
Step 3: Import your playlists into Madsonic!

Below is the script for what is needed to do the above. There are two files you need to create. One is "Fixlist.Cmd", and the other is "Fixlist.vbs". The CMD file will "call" the VBS file. You will only need to make changes to the CMD file, based on your storage locations.

Code: Select all
@echo off
REM  ** Change to the drive where your media is **
REM ** Change to folder on drive above where media is stored **
cd \allshared\media\playlists
REM ** The Next two lines call the VBS file. 
REM ** Line 1 converts the data folders from the Windows path to the Linux path
REM ** Line 2 converts any remaining \ into / (If you are not using Linux, then REM this line out!)
REM ** Note:  To view the full path, open a playlist in Notepad, and you can copy/paste here
for %%A in ("*.m3u8") DO cscript //nologo fixlist.vbs "%%A" "X:\path\from\playlist\file" "\linux\path\to\media"
for %%A in ("*.m3u8") DO cscript //nologo fixlist.vbs "%%A" "\" "/"

Code: Select all
Option Explicit
Dim fso,strFilename,strSearch,strReplace,objFile,oldContent,newContent
'Does file exist?
Set fso=CreateObject("Scripting.FileSystemObject")
if fso.FileExists(strFilename)=false then
   wscript.echo "file not found!"
end if
'Read file
set objFile=fso.OpenTextFile(strFilename,1)
'Write file
set objFile=fso.OpenTextFile(strFilename,2)
objFile.Write newContent
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