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MADSONIC 5.2.5420.20141214.0251

Unread postby Lars » 25 Dec 2014, 08:36

i know - i use it as docker app in unraid - but it is basically the 5420 version. beside the before mentioned visual prob with the queue list in webplayer, there are several probs - like adding new user - database errors, and some minor typo's in help baloons. i know, it's a beta. i am not complaining - it is working, the good outweights the bad. but, it still needs some attention.
maybe some other ppl could chime in here as well.

cheers, L

btw, i will try to get to the typo's again soon (like after the holidays) for details where i noticed it for changes in the future. as far as the noticed db errors go - i can replicate them and happy to send them, otherwise i will be no help there - just not having the knowledge what the real prob is. the covered up queue list should be a simple issue - it wasn't there in the last version i used.

cheers, L
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