Version 5.0.3490.beta3 error

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Version 5.0.3490.beta3 error

Unread postby nelgin » 10 Jun 2013, 15:03

I posted this under the release information in "Announcements" but probably should put it in the right place...

[2013-06-08 20:57:40,796] INFO DaoHelper - Checking database schema.
[2013-06-08 20:57:42,663] INFO SchemaMadsonic - Updating database schema to version 125.
[2013-06-08 20:57:42,750] INFO SchemaMadsonic - Database column 'album.nameid3' not found. Creating it.
[2013-06-08 20:57:43,385] INFO SchemaMadsonic - Database column 'album.nameid3' was added successfully.
[2013-06-08 20:57:43,748] INFO SchemaMadsonic - Index was created successfully.
[2013-06-08 20:57:43,749] ERROR DaoHelper - Failed to initialize database.
org.springframework.jdbc.BadSqlGrammarException: StatementCallback; bad SQL grammar [delete * from album]; nested exception is java.sql.SQLException: Unexpected token *, requires FROM in statement [delete *]

I got this at first startup.

To get going I killed the madsonic java process and downloaded the new standalone zip.

mkdir backup
cp -R * backup
unzip -a zip file
rm -f *.log
edited accordingly with my variables set and then ran the script.

Also got this one:

[2013-06-08 20:57:44,380] WARN MediaLibraryStatistics - Failed to parse media library statistics: 5481 2373 3823 258 37472 632453796603 10780297
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