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Lost folder choices

Unread postby gurutech » 23 Dec 2013, 23:03

Recently upgraded to 3820 and never had a real problem, but for some reason, I no longer have a dropdown that allows me to choose "all media folders" or one of my media folders in specific. I have my library split between "audiobooks", "movies", and "music", and then I have a separate dropdown with the genre selections. The library dropdown is missing, but the genre dropdown still appears.

I've already tried switching themes, thinking it was an issue with the theme I was using, but it seems to be a "global" issue.

Any ideas how to fix?

Edit: OK, so I logged out and back in, did a refresh on the left frame, and it came back, but was missing the "Movies" folder in the dropdown. Went into settings, unselected the "Enabled" box for that folder and saved, then selected it again and saved, and another refresh on the left frame, and it's back.

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