[Solved] Bugs, 6.0.7450 version

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[Solved] Bugs, 6.0.7450 version

Unread postby gurutech » 16 Sep 2015, 12:38

Compiling a list of bugs I have found so far:

1) "Random" option on home screen does not show anything.
2) "X" Row / "X" Column option (from any of the other options) will instead "wrap" to fill the middle frame (ie, on my browser window, it shows 3 rows of 4 instead of 2 rows of 6). I think this option to manually set rows/columns should be removed and replaced with the "wrap" version.)
3) Under User Settings, choosing only "Custom Accordion" and refreshing left frame results in only being able to see # through J. Selecting both "Custom Scrollbar" and "Custom Accordion" will allow viewing # through Z as intended.
4) Settings/Admin Panel shows twice as many files under "Audio" than I actually have. 792gb shown, I only have 396gb. (Actually less, I think some of my media was removed, Windows only shows about half of the 396gb now....)
5) Signup feature does not work. Screen comes up, I enter a username/password and email address, enter the captcha information, then the screen refreshes. Signed in as admin, this new user name is NOT listed....
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