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Movies Not Listed, but works in Web GUI

Unread postPosted: 21 Dec 2014, 02:29
by jsgates
In the Madsonic Android app I am not able to see any of the files in my "Movies" media folder. However, I can see them just fine via the Web Gui.

The folder structure for movies is like so:


Also, there is one folder in the root of the Movies folder titled "extrafanart" which is used by XBMC/KODI. Do I need to somehow exclude this folder in Madsonic so all of my movie files in the root of the Movies folder will show up in the Madsonic Android client? I also have the same issue in the Ultrasonic Android app.

Episodes from my "TV Shows" media folder display just fine, but they are in a folder stucture like so:

\TV Shows\TVShowTitle\SeasonX\S01E01-EpisodeTitle