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Gallery bombarded w/album covers

Unread postPosted: 04 Feb 2014, 23:19
by djorijun
How can I turn this off? I can't seem to find where to turn this off. The gallery on my S4 is just full of album cover pictures. thank you

Re: Gallery bombarded w/album covers

Unread postPosted: 06 Feb 2014, 16:52
by mea
what are you speaking about ?
I am trying to figure out how to make madsonic fetch cover arts you mean you got it to work ? If yes, please let me know how you proceeded ! ;)

Re: Gallery bombarded w/album covers

Unread postPosted: 11 Feb 2014, 16:01
by jaszladie
I second this. My gallery is also full of album art. I would rather it not be.

In my gallery, there is 1 folder for each album art picture. Is there a way to put these folders in 1 master folder? It's not necessary to remove the pics, but at least organize them in a manner that doesn't overrun the android gallery.

Or can we have an option to disable downloading album art?

(There is a way to only show certain content, but it will only work if your images are in Dropbox, Picasa or Facebook. Under Gallery Options, choose Content to Display. The options are All content, Content in Device, Content in Dropbox, Facebook or Picasa. I chose in Picasa because my pics are backed up there. So, doing this eliminates the album art folders from my gallery as they are not backed up to Picasa.)

Generally, I would rather have the option to disable downloading the album art. I use the android version mostly in my car. My car has its own method of displaying art, GraceNote, so I never use the art downloaded by madsonic. I realize others may use it. That's why I suggest an option.

Re: Gallery bombarded w/album covers

Unread postPosted: 06 Mar 2014, 12:24
by mea
Do you mean that Madsonic automatically download covert art ? How does it work ? Madsonic do not download any cover art for me !
I want to know how to force it!

Re: Gallery bombarded w/album covers

Unread postPosted: 07 Mar 2014, 16:30
by jaszladie
I don't really know the specifics of how the art gets downloaded. Most of my albums have cover art either embedded in the tag or in the album folder, or both.

I did find a couple of solutions...
1. Use QuickPic instead of the Gallery that comes on Android systems. With QuickPic, you can exclude folders (or include).
2. Put a .nomedia file in the folder you do not want to be scanned. This is supposed to block images and media files from showing up in the gallery (and I think the Music app). This didn't work for me, but has for others.

I installed Subsonic on my phone just to see what the options to. When you "hide music from other apps" in the settings, a .nomedia file is placed in the subsonic root folder. But like I said, cover art was still showing up in my gallery, after reboot, cleared cache, etc. I have always had this option checked in Madsonic, but music and images still appeared in the gallery.

In the end, I ended up disabling the gallery and installing QuickPic. I also hid the Music app, I absolutely hate it.