Jukebox mode

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Jukebox mode

Unread postby nelgin » 20 Jan 2017, 22:38

I was thinking of the name "Queue Play" but maybe Jukebox is more familiar.

This is where users can login and select songs they would like to hear and add them to a queue. Anyone using the "QueuePlay" or Jukebox link or whatever will hear the songs as they stream from the top of the queue. This is a fun way for friends to share and listen to the same songs or maybe tune in and see what other people like.

For the admin, you should allow
Enabled yes/no/listen only for the user
How many songs they can add at once (0=unlimited)
Whether a user can advance songs within the queue
Whether a user can delete a song from the queue (all users should probably be able to delete their own song from the queue)
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