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Kiosk Mode

Unread postby ForSSux » 02 Apr 2014, 10:51

I really would like to lock a Theme for my users...
I really would like to be able to turn off almost every feature there is...I KNOW certain features can be turned of but users can turn things back on or can create a other look etc..

The themes I can handle by removing them in the code but this has to be done every upgrade...I would of course settle if somebody can point to where in the code I could alter this..
In essence I really would like to create a KIOSK mode for my users..

In short I would like to be able to have something Like your DEMO Page ;-) just saw it

Kind regards
Guy Forssman
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Re: Kiosk Mode

Unread postby Lars » 12 Oct 2014, 22:31

i am not sure i understand your problem!
i have mine set up in a very similar way like the demo. you can do all that over the settings tab (and the sub-tabs in settings). in a very wide range you can limit/ grant access rights in general and down to the single user.
my users have a default theme, limited rights what they can change, which information they can access and nope, they can't reset that them-self if they feel like it.

cheers, L
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