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Change edit Icons.

Unread postPosted: 12 Nov 2014, 15:35
by ForSSux

Sometimes you want to change icons, there not consisted in color or you don't like them.
Where is this done ?

Let say you like the theme "cool and clean" but you noticed some inconsistend colors.

In Windows this is the path:
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In the other platforms something very similar but without the c:\ of course.

Most of the times a reload of the page is sufficient.

However image you still find it odd that the Icon above the word Discover is yellow and you want it in black and white as the rest.
You will not find the icon in the path above.

First the icon name isn't discover.png but cover.png one can learn this by right clicking on the icon and save it.
Second this cover.png icon takes it color from the default theme because it's not declared here
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So copy the yellow cover.png make it in black and white
I use Gimp select picture ==> color ==> Desaturate ==> average
Put the line below in the the file above
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coverImage = icons/coolandclean/cover.png

One need to restart madsonic and probably clean the cache from the browser.
Here you'll find grey icons for Madsonic (Cool & Clean ) theme : ... sp=sharing

Kind regards
Guy Forssman