[FAQ] Full Media Rescan

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[FAQ] Full Media Rescan

Unread postby Madevil » 10 Dec 2012, 18:43

Initial Scan - This is the first scan of all media files found in your libary

Delta Scan - scheduled libary Scan to detect changes

Full Rescan - Full Rescan easy trick

  • go to Media folder Settings
  • Disable each Music folder (this switch the entrys to Offline)
  • Save Settings
  • Make a Full Mediascan
  • Re-enable each Music folder to rescan
  • Save Settings
  • Make a Full Mediascan
  • (Clean-up Database)!?

this triggers a Full Rescan of the Metadata - You don't lost any User, Settings, Ratings

But carefully with the Database Clean-up!

This function cleanups all your old refferal to offline media so you lost the refferenc to the media files IDs!

if you Disable your mediafolders -> Save Settings -> Make a Rescan -> make Cleanup DB then the old
mediafile entrys will be deleted. This mean with the next scan, your mediafiles get new ids and you LOST
any Playlist, Rating, Starred, PlayCounts and Coments with the new media files IDs!!

Keep this in mind!

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