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Jetty vs Tomcat on Win 7

Unread postPosted: 15 Oct 2013, 01:07
by jdubso
I posted something similar to this thread over on the Subsonic forums a while back and thought others over here might be interested. I have been running Subsonic/Madsonic on a Win 7 machine with an Intel i7 @ 3.4Ghz with 8 gigs of ram over a FIOS connection of 50 up and down.

For the longest time I was using Jetty and Madsonic always ran great. I got bored one day and decided to move my ssl site over to Tomcat. It took a little tinkering to get it working and for the last year or so my server has been on Tomcat. Last week I jumped to the new Madsonic builds that use the /madsonic folder instead of/subsonic. To test it out I left the old server running Tomcat still going and used Jetty for the new server.

After a week or so I moved the new Madsonic build to Tomcat. My initial impression is that it loads substantially faster on Tomcat and my server uses less resources to provide the same function.