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[Solved] Bug in 5.6 version of Android client

Unread postPosted: 19 Aug 2015, 14:59
by gurutech
Been playing with the latest 5.6 build (which has been around for a while actually), and found some bugs, mostly with the "Pandora" feature.

1) With no songs in queue, enabling Pandora mode turns on, but does not begin playing music. (expected)
2) With a single song queued and playing, enabling Pandora mode will STOP the current song, and play the next song (auto-generated by the Pandora mode)
3) With multiple songs queued and any of them playing, enabling Pandora mode will clear the queue, generate it's own queue based on the current song, and begin playing that song.
4) When DISABLING Pandora mode, the current song (and any queued after it) continue to play. (expected)
5) If re-enabling Pandora, steps 2 and/or 3 apply again.

Would like to see as a bug-fix and/or feature in 6.x release:
1) Pandora continues playing current song/queue, then begins auto-generating while the final song in the original queue is being played.
2) The server shows the current song being PLAYED, rather than the song being queued/downloaded.