Built 6.0.7140 and app 5.7

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Built 6.0.7140 and app 5.7

Unread postby chali » 01 Sep 2015, 03:23

Server is responsive and works fine, the only problem is seeking (fast forwarding) in the app that does not work
i tried it on 6 different android devices and 5 different players and in hw,hw+,hv,mv

music is no problem to play tested the most forms.
same on movies, tested mp4,h.264 H.265 and mkv
the only problem is the seeking part (fastforwarding)

There is a problem when it comes to the search part, for example if i'm searching for the movie "Alien 2" or 3
and i type "alien" i get alien 1 but not 3 nor 4 or aliens. the strange thing is that if i search for "alien" i also get "ben10 alien force"/ ben10 alien force 2 and 3" etc but not alien 3 and 4 or aliens
this problem is on many titles and i'm guessing it have something to do with how the name i writen for example "alien 1" vs alien.1"

It would be great if it would be possible to have the search make a difference between music and movies so it divide it instead of mixing the result.
and of course if we could get the seeking part back to the android app ( it kinda sucks when the movie stops halfway in and you have to restart from the beginning instead of fast forward to where i was)
i dont know where the error is but both subsonic and madsonic have it, im guessing it in the downsampling string?

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