Remote control Madsonic web player?

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Remote control Madsonic web player?

Unread postby garyo » 17 Oct 2015, 14:47

I have latest Madsonic 6.0.7600 on Linux. I use the web player mostly, both at home and work -- love the whole system. One thing I miss is play/pause for the web player via keyboard or other remote. I usually minimize the web player window once I have my playlist loaded; it doesn't respond to Linux or Windows keyboard play/pause (I wouldn't really expect that I guess) but is there any other way, some kind of UPNP thing where I could control it via my phone (I do have DSub, use that in the car, it's brilliant) or something else? Or should I get a dedicated hardware device to connect to my Madsonic server maybe? It's just a bit annoying when I answer the phone to find my Madsonic tab, and mouse over to the (nice and small) pause button.
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