Docs for connecting to external DB

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Docs for connecting to external DB

Unread postby tobel » 16 Dec 2016, 16:37

Hi Everyone,

I got quite excited when I saw that the "compare" page on the madsonic website (/pages/compare.jsp) mentions that madsonic 6.1.x supports external database support, so I set up an instance of the latest stable 6.1 build (6.1.8700) but

I can't find any documentation that details how to go about connecting to an external DB.

I read the help and have added the following parameter to my MADSONIC_ARGS: --db=jdbc:postgresql://localhost:5432/madsonic?user=DBUSER&password=MYPASS" but the system doesn't even try to log in to my DB.

I configured postgres with "log_connections = on", and every connection to the DB shows up in my log file, but there is no attempt by the madsonic user.

I've looked through all of the installation docs, and I can't seem to find anything about actually installing into an external DB.

If I've missed something obvious, my humble apologies!

Thanks in advance...
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Re: Docs for connecting to external DB

Unread postby garyo » 24 Jun 2017, 19:14

I'd like to know this too.
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