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Service fails to autostart

Unread postPosted: 02 Jan 2017, 19:18
by pa2k
Have been running 6.0.8700 since early autumn with no serious issues on windows 10 x64, but recently (a few days ago) the service would no longer autostart. I checked that Java was updated, and upgraded to 6.2.9040, though the issue remained.

The only other system change I could imagine having an effect within the timeframe was an update to my NordVPN client, which also autostarts and obviously concerns network connectivity. My next step would thus have been to disable the VPN for a test-reboot, but before I went there I found another way to bypass the problem.. figured I'd share it here for any others in a similar situation later on:

In services.msc I changed the startup type from Automatic to "Automatic (delayed start)" and the problem has yet to occur again (at the cost of a slight delay).