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how to avoid auto logout frm webgui?

Unread postPosted: 04 Mar 2017, 09:55
by Matt Zornig
loged in as admin

here is, what happened:

i've listened to music. leave the computer with the music paused for some hours. I came back, pressed the play button and the music played again.
When I just listen, everything is fine.
Now, when I press a button, i.e. "home" I am redirected to the login-screen, and -the worst thing- the music stops ;-)

other scenario:

When I close my MacBookPro Laptop, while music is playing from madsonic-server in firefox, music is started again, when I open the MacBookPro Laptop again. Great. But klicking any link in madsonic webgui will result in auto-logout and quit music. It takes a few minutes to continue playing the music.

Would be great, if we could -at least- configure the logout time for the admin-user. (maybe all madsonic users, or per group)