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Another Multi Disk Album Structure question.

Unread postPosted: 04 Jul 2017, 06:45
by cordovan147
I have my folder structure like this:
Code: Select all
    |- Adele
         |- 2008 - 19
              |- Disc 1
                  |- 01 - Song 1.flac
                  |- 02 - Song 2.flac
              |- Disc 2
                  |- 01 - Song 1.flac
                  |- 02 - Song 2.flac
         |- 2011 - 21
              |- 01 - Song 1.flac
              |- 02 - Song 2.flac
    |- Artist 2   
    |- Artist 3   
    |- Artist 4   

The Problem:
In Madsonic when I go to home, it displays Disc 1 and Disc 2 as separate album cover. Disc 1 & 2 album do not merge together as 1 single mutli disc album.

If I go to Artist Index, when I select Adele - 19, it shows disk 1 only. disk 2 is nowhere to be found.
I've tried using .tag files in the folder structure, Only then, it will show properly if I add a set.png cover with all the tags.
BUT, under Home index, it shows 3 cover art. (Adele 19 disc 1, disc 2, album set). :shock: Why can't it just display as a single album set?

Does this mean that If I want to browse by album, I would have to see 3 album art?
but the "proper way" is to browse by artist?

Plex and Musicbee display everything nicely. When you click a multidisc album in Plex or Musicbee, it shows the list of song with a separation for disc 1 & 2 etc...
*new user, can't link picture :(

I read that Madsonic follows directory structure instead of using ID-3 Tags etc.... (All my albums are properly tagged.)
Shouldn't it be automatic? Won't need to manually put the .tag file?

Can someone please tell this noob here how do you actually organize the multi-disc album structure, the settings, and how you actually browse by album (or the way how Madsonic is intended to be used).

I've been struggling with this issue for so damn long, posted on reddit, no help to... been jumping between Libresonic, Subsonic, Madsonic and Ampache.

Appreciate any help. THANKS!

Re: Another Multi Disk Album Structure question.

Unread postPosted: 08 Jul 2017, 21:20
by cordovan147
Doesn't anyone have such problem? :shock:

If anyone doesn't have such issue, please share your folder structure or setup/how you browse the albums.

I starting to wonder if this is a feature not implemented by Madsonic or I'm just plain stupid not knowing how to setup.

Mods/Madsonic developer, please advise.