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Masonic on Synlogy DS1815 Fails to install

Unread postPosted: 07 Jul 2017, 20:35
by shaz
Hi there,

Just discovered Madsonic, I run Plex on my Synology currently running DSM6.1 without any issues whatsoever. However, trying to install Madsonic has proven to be impossible. I have followed the list of things I needed to do, Installed Java8, enabled User Home service, Installed Perl and disabled signature enforcement. But I'm afraid my technical expertise has ran its course. Would love to get some assistance with this as I'm not really sure what other stones I can turn. I've heard from multiple people that the music-playback features are a lot richer than Plex so I'm very eager to try this out and potentially become a Premium member if all works nicely.

Thanks in advance.