New added files not shown in Madsonic / Lucene

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New added files not shown in Madsonic / Lucene

Unread postby chrissi55 » 11 Sep 2017, 14:49

Hi there,

i'm new to Madsonic and ... overwhelmed of this great peace of stoftware :-)

Maybe I made a mistake during configuration because my Serverlog is flooded by messages of ERROR NowPlayingService

Error says:

Unexpected error in getNowPlaying: java.lang.SecurityException: Access denied to file /media/con2/video/[NAME_OF_THE_FILES]

What i did before was a Folder creation of /media/con2/video ...

Later i suggested to switch to /media/con2/video/##MOVIES/.... and /media/con2/video/##FAMILY/... e.g.

Totaly right that the path mentioned in the Error log isn't present any longer. But how to get rid of the messages?

What did i do to rescan all files ...

Full Rescan - Full Rescan easy trick

go to Media folder Settings
Disable each Music folder (this switch the entrys to Offline)
Save Settings
Make a Full Mediascan
Re-enable each Music folder to rescan
Save Settings
Make a Full Mediascan

No success ... Errors resist.

I'm not sure where to delete any DB Entries of previous settings / path settings

Any Ideas?

I'm using Version 6.2.9040

Thank you for helping me
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Re: ERROR NowPlayingService flooding Logfile

Unread postby chrissi55 » 17 Sep 2017, 06:45

...after looking forward to other postings here and in the www

I did (a little bit frustrated) a clean re-install of the server and madsonic.

I set the new paths directly to the structure I'm using now and the errors in the log are gone.

Sadly I now have a new problem .... new files were scanned concerning the logfile Watchdog entries ... but newly uploaded files aren't shown in madsonic, nor in Lucene Search Engine.

So every time I added new files / folders to my server I had to login as admin and scan my files -> then every file / folder is included in madsonic and Lucene.

And when I'm looking into my "Scan Tasks" overview I see the media folders as queued and under Comment "waiting..."

The intervall is 1 hour - but I've tried 3 hours , 1 day ... no difference.


Every time I scanned my files manually every mediafolder has the Status = "done" -> Result = "successfully" -> Comment = "autogenerated"

Update 18.09.2017:

Is it possible to create a cronjob under linux to get the process working automatically?

What ist the Java Command for the cronjob? Scanning all files ... ? :?
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