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wth is he talking about? ( What is feature ... )

Unread postPosted: 05 May 2018, 18:06
by Matt Zornig

I'm reading the Madsonic Compare WebPage

(you know, marketeers always use remarkable words to sell their stuff, because nobody understands the meaning ;-D )

and I'm wondering, what exactly are those features and what are they good for, and where are they in action:

    folder-based security

    advanced password security

    advanced player control

    advanced search functions

    Madsonic FollowMe / FollowYou

    integrated registration engine

    new responsive mini-interface

    media reorganisation (checkIn system)

    Server synchronisation

If anybody can tell, please enlighten me (and others, which also do not know, that all these terms mean).

Until now,
I found informaton about those points here:

(please correct me, if I linked a wrong URL, I will update my post then)