FileNotFoundException => Permission denied on Artist Art

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FileNotFoundException => Permission denied on Artist Art

Unread postby Matt Zornig » 05 May 2018, 19:34

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[2018-05-05 20:28:41,370] INFO LastFMService - ## Update ArtistCover: Afterlife
[2018-05-05 20:28:42,116] DEBUG LastFMService - ## Scan for Artist: Afternoon Coffee Boys
[2018-05-05 20:28:42,680] WARN LastFMService - Failed to get coverart. /volume1/Music/A/Afternoon Coffee Boys/artist.png (Permission denied)
   at Method)

I'm getting the above, which is ok, because I don't gave Madsonic R/W access to the filesystem the music is stored.

What do I need to set up, to save the artist images (and also cover images) in the madsonic folder (its application folder), or any usercustumizable folder ?

Aaaaand, also important, how can I stop this process, which is flodding my log and trying to fetch & write 23543435292 images to non writable destiations.

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