Audio files duplicated in admin panel view

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Audio files duplicated in admin panel view

Unread postby gurutech » 08 Sep 2015, 01:11

I am showing over 700+gb of audio files on my 6.x server, but only half has much on my 5.x server. It seems that the audio files are being counted twice.

Videos and Audiobooks (even though these are audio files) are not counted twice, as they match between the 6.x and 5.x servers....

I'm trying to find a setting somewhere to change this, rescanning my library now.

Edit: Updated to the 7200 version, and the number went down, but not to where it should be. It's about 50% higher than it should be instead of 100% higher with the 7160 version. I did move things around a bit though, moving my TV shows into it's own media folder.

Also, in the left frame, the total GB is correct.
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