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Podcast pubdate not parsing

Unread postPosted: 10 Jan 2017, 16:44
by troycarpenter
I have a user trying to use a podcast feed that is not parsing the publish date correctly. I have run the feed URL through three different validators and all have said the feed is correct. When I compare the feed to another one that is working correctly the only difference I can find is the format of the pubDate field.

Example from one that works: <pubDate>Mon, 09 Jan 2017 12:00:00 GMT</pubDate>
Example from the one failing: <pubDate>Sun, 26 Jul 2015 05:00 GMT</pubDate>

You notice the only difference is that the one that fails does not include the seconds in the date format. The URL in question comes from a podcast site and so far all the feeds I have tested from that site have the same pubDate format.

I will try to modify the XML code by hand to confirm this is the issue with the Madsonic podcast scanner. However, given that three different podcast validators did not flag that as an issue, I don't believe the seconds are required and the Madsonic parser should be able to handle it.

An example feed URL is: ... ortby=date

EDIT: I just took a feed from that website, modified it by adding the seconds to each timestamp in the pubDate field, hosted the modified file locally and it parsed correctly in Madsonic. So clearly the absence of the seconds in the timestamp are causing an issue, and probably shouldn't be. Even if it's not strictly spec, the Madsonic parser should handle this situation correctly instead of bailing.

Re: Podcast pubdate not parsing

Unread postPosted: 11 Jan 2017, 15:06
by Madevil
confirmed, will be fixed with next release. :thumbsup: