Podcast Receiver Can't handle episodes with same name

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Podcast Receiver Can't handle episodes with same name

Unread postby troycarpenter » 27 Jan 2017, 17:40

I have an XML feed from a provider where the final filename for all the podcast episodes are the same. The differentiator is in the download URL. For instance:

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You can see that the URL path is different even though the filename is the same.

The problem is that Madsonic wants to dump these files into the same podcast directory on the server, which results in a collision. Once the first episode is downloaded, the remaining episode downloads are aborted claiming the file has already been downloaded. However, in the podcast web interface in Madsonic (and in the database), it shows all queued episodes have been downloaded.

It would seem like in this situation, the podcast downloader could detect the filename collision, generate a new filename using some type of algorithm to save the file, and save that into the database.

For the filename algorithm, a possibility would be to concatenate the podcast date + server time (in case the dates are also the same) to the filename provided in the xml feed.
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Re: Podcast Receiver Can't handle episodes with same name

Unread postby Madevil » 31 Jan 2017, 08:41

confirmed, will be fixed with next release. :thumbsup:
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