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Adding songs to playlists doesn't work

Unread postPosted: 16 Oct 2017, 15:56
by Tak-MK
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 VERSION:      Madsonic 6.3.9700.3e2ad42.20171013.0956
 SERVLET:      Integrated with madsonic, I suppose it's Jetty.
 SERVER:       CPU: i5-3470T | ARCH: X64 | MEMORY: 2GB | HDD: 6TB
 OS:           Debian 9
 SYSTEM:       Server
 JAVA:         OpenJDK 8
 BROWSER:      Firefox 57.0b6
 CLIENT:       Madsonic 6.3
 DESCRIPTION:  Refresh button in "Server Log" goes to loved.view

How to reproduce:
  • Create a playlist (named "pole", for example)
  • Enter to any album
  • Select a song
  • Click on "More Actions"
  • Select "Add to Playlist"
  • Select "pole"

Instead of adding the song into the playlist, it only redirects you to the playlist and there's no error in the log.
If you do this from the playing queue it works.