Library Structure on Sonos

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Library Structure on Sonos

Unread postby stehohrhase » 20 Dec 2016, 08:03

Is it possible to custumize the Struktur on the Sonos System?
I have a big lirbary and it is really difficult to browse.

At Madsonic Setup I have different Mediafolder and i have selected "don't droup".
On the Web-Interface it works great ! I can select in a Pull Down Menu "All Folders / All Musik / Singles / EP's / Klassik" and so on.

If I browse the Library on the Sonos app. i found no way to Filter.

Is it possible:

When browse Main Menu, i can select Artist List, Album List and so on. When select Album List for example, that there is possible to select one of the folders, befor the List "Recently Add, All, and so is displayed?

When i selcted at Main Menu "Browse Library" - there i get his great feature/list to selected the Library, but when i select there a Library, then the next step is only the Artist List in Folder Structure.
If under this Menu to get the same structure then from Main Menue wil be great enough.

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