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NOde as a Jukebox

Unread postPosted: 07 Jun 2018, 14:33
by Dubtec
im used to using Madoinic on a PI and use Juke box locally, with a DAC... but unforunately it doesnt appear to have enough CPU, to cope with my large library and lags etc.. My music is stored on my Synology NAS, or would i be better trying to make a sonos endpoint?


I'm looking at running Madsonic on my synology, which will not have a DAC fitted. Instead I'm hoping to use a PI with DAC acting as a NODE..
With Madsonic running on my Synology Nas, using the android App, could I then play music out of the NODE? would this work at full bandwidth, as all my files are Lossless?

Will this work?