[Solved] unknown tags? where to find the origin?

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[Solved] unknown tags? where to find the origin?

Unread postby Matt Zornig » 04 Mar 2017, 17:45

I found madsonic shows me some tags, I never knew, we had in our collection.
strange and unknown tags
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When I check against them in foobar2000, I don't find any GENRE tag showing up for those.

How can I find out, where madsonic is getting those tags from?

Can madsonic tell me the file and the corresponding found tags?

I realize, there is a useful "Database query" feature, which could help.

Can I use it therefore? How?

If found out, this happens, when there is no ID3v2.x Genre, but a ID3v1 Genre present.

(I have configured foobar2000 not show/use ID3v1 Tags, so I had to analyse the music files with a HEX or Text Viewer...)

If you want to know, which files have "wrong" TAGS or MOODS or GENRES shown in Madsonic, just create a playlist with those files, save/export it as an m3u8 playlist and load it into your favorite tag-analyzer (maybe mp3tag) (you may have to correct the paths to the files with a text editor for the exported playlist)
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